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Europe Venture Capital Directory 2022

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Europe Venture Capital Directory 2022 is a comprehensive guide covering the entire VC landscape across Europe. It features 2,000+ firms´ investment focus including target geography, target sectors, ticket size, ownership level, and other useful information. It provides a useful resource to startup founders to navigate the space. It essentially sheds light on who are they, what they want, and how to win them over. Whether you´re a first-time entrepreneur seeking initial funding or a seasoned one with multiple fundraising rounds under your belt, this book will help you wrap your head on which investors would be better fit for your company thus saving you time and effort, and ultimately increase your chances of raising venture capital with the right partner. This publication is extensively researched and updated from first-hand sources, and thus offers the most current, complete, and accurate guide to venture capitalist in Europe anywhere.


Get the #1 list of venture capitalists covering 1,000+ professionals including General Partners, Managing Partners, and Partners representing the top VC firms in Europe – all in Excel format with search, sort, and filter capabilities.

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CapitalDemocracy research division focus on gathering key sector-related information and data related to the venture capital industry, with special focus on providing insightful and practical material that could be readily useful to the various players and stakeholders with the venture space as a whole. 

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Europe Venture Capital Directory 2022

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